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Sterling Spencer

At 23 years of age, Sterling Spencer is the latest heir to the Gulf Coast throne. Born into the first family of Gulf Coast surfing, and son of Yancy III, who has run the iconic family surf shop since before he first crawled out of the Everglade swamps, Sterling brings a potent blend of assets to the table. Mention the last name Spencer in the family’s hometown of Gulf Breeze, Florida and you’re sure to get a few winks and nods – this family has cemented themselves as a surfing dynasty.

When it comes to punting with style, Sterling Spencer is second to none. Honing his aerial repertoire in the short, punchy beach breaks of his home break at Pensacola Beach; Sterling’s a legitimate ace above the lip. In the air, it’s hard to find someone who can match his fluid combination of grace and progression. That said, put him in a right-hand point and he’d drop some jaws with his rail surfing as well.

Not just a “photo guy,” Sterling’s also become quite the competitor. With a top-five finish on the U.S. Pro Junior tour in ’06, four consecutive East Coast Championship Titles under his belt, and a few air-show wins to boot he’s taken his fair share of competitive scalps. As fellow Gulf riders Shea and Cory Lopez have proved, if you come from the west coast of Florida and you’re hungry for success, you’d sure as hell better be a good traveler. Fortunately, this technical regular-footer is. He’s on the WQS grind these days, but given his talent, chances are he won’t stay there long.

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