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Los Sindicate

In the Summer of 2003 on the coast of Southern California, 4 friends met in the crossroads at the intersection between Heaven & Hell. It was here that they decided to form a band and call themselves, Los Sindicate. Austin Trujillo the screaming Chicano fiddler would front the group with Dan “Danimal” Yoder handling the guitar shredding. The blind bass sensation Brian Bushway will lay down the rhythm while Captain Kevin Nersion kills his drums.

   Los Sindicate, Anarchy Sunglasses, music

Since their formation, these rock n roll crusaders continue to plunder hundreds of venues throughout the Southern California region from your local dive bars, to the flashy clubs of Hollywood.  Los Sindicate has been featured on various media outlets including skate videos on and surf videos featuring legends such as Steve Bigler and Laird Hamilton.  This genetic mutt of past musical generations combines elements of rock n roll, blues, punk, funk, bluegrass, heavy metal and Latino music to brew an infectious formula for a positive, high-energy show that will get your feet moving and your blood pumping.

Los Sindicate, Anarchy Sunglasses, music  Los Sindicate, Anarchy Sunglasses, music

Los Sindicate, whose members are originally from Carlsbad, Dana Point, and Mission Viejo, California, is currently based out of Los Angeles. All members of the band are surfers, skaters, and action sports enthusiasts, and are very excited to be a part of the Anarchy Eyewear team.  The band looks forward to the release of their first full length album later this year, and their EP is available through iTunes or their website at This is a dedicated group of young musicians who love what they do, and are on their way to becoming a Southern California establishment.  Check out the list of upcoming shows on their homepage and come join the party!