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Straight form the streets of Phoenix Arizona these rugged, good for nothing rebels have taken the reggae/punk scene and claimed it their own. Since the start of the millennium Fayuca began to construct a sound unique and refreshing; they took a genre copied by many and added the flavor only possessed by three, which gave this trio the earned respect of the local punk scene. With years of extensive touring and sharing the stage with numerous big name acts, Fayuca was allowed the exposure needed to maintain a loyal network of friends and fans to make every Fayuca show an energetic and enjoyable experience.
After their first release in 2003, "Walk West", Fayuca quickly followed with a second album, "Black Market", in 2004. These two records worked as magnet when on the road looking for new fans. After four years of writing and touring Fayuca matured into the band so many love today...  Fayuca got back in the studio and finished up their most accomplished recording to date, "The Assassination". Check out more at