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Eyes Set to Kill

Despite a whirlwind of success from their 2008 debut "Reach," Eyes Set To Kill front woman Alexia Rodriguez refuses to let the Phoenix-based group she help create remain stagnant. Surely it would be easy to replicate the creative ideas that made the group’s debut an instant fan favorite, but a true artist will always evolve. With the release of Eyes Set To Kill’s sophomore album, “The World Outside,” Rodriguez is determined to have critics, fans and the industry recognize her growth and maturity as a songwriter and performing artist.


Formed in 2005 by sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, Eyes Set to Kill – which also features vocalist/keyboardist Brandon Anderson, second guitarist Greg Kerwin and drummer Caleb Clifton - has accomplished more in four short years than most bands do in an entire career. From their humble beginnings touring the country playing shows they booked through MySpace to becoming one of the most popular artists at Hot Topic and online retailer, Eyes Set To Kill has made a powerful lasting impact on their fans. For more information go to